Electrical Supply Store

Finding the exact electrical supplies for your project can be daunting. But you don’t have to worry with C.J. Horner Company, Inc., by your side. We offer customers an exclusive range of electrical parts and supplies to build, repair, and upgrade their systems. Whether you’re looking for basic project supplies or some specialty items, we offer you the best solution at the lowest prices. From electrical cables and switches to transformers and circuit breakers, C.J. Horner Company, Inc. can provide you with the necessary electrical supplies and materials to complete your electrical projects safely and efficiently at the best rates possible.

If you need help finding a specific electrical part or product, contact C.J. Horner Company, Inc. Our customer service team will provide the support you need to get the job done quickly and skillfully.

We have a wide selection of:

– Conduit

– Romax

– Fittings

– Boxes

– Covers

– Coax


 Electrical Tools

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